Oh! If you forget the whipped cream you are no good as a woman. Yeah.

I just like Sailor Moon a lot. I'm emotionally invested! Problem?
December 23rd
1:00 AM

no i didn’t spend the last half-hour watching emotional sm amvs set to beyonce songs

of course not wat r u talking about

November 14th
12:20 AM

Bury the Castle - A Tribute to Sailor Moon Episode One from Kihin Ranno on Vimeo.


For the Great Sailor Moon Tumblr Rewatch, I came up with an idea to do a video for the first episode. I’d started to do a general video to this song a few months ago - using the same footage for the intro up until Usagi opens her eye btw - but abandoned it for various reasons. Returning to this was essentially just a way for me to inflict torture on myself, honestly.

Using clips from one episode is hard. Especially when a lot of it is comic relief, dialogue that goes on for ages, and only a teeny tiny bit of fight stuff. So chances are I won’t do a whole AMV for an episode again… might do clips though. Because again, I hate myself.

Anyway, there are parts of this video I love, others that make me cringe, but it’s gotten to the point where I have to say it’s done or run the risk of never doing anything else ever again. And I have to sleep sometimes. xD

Please let me know what you think! Spread the love if you’re a part of Sailor Moon Rewatch!


No really, it was fantastic. The song choice, editing, everything. I love that it added a newness to the episode (I think the out-of-sequence clips certainly helped with that). 

November 3rd
9:29 PM


If you think Sailor Moon is lame, watch this video change your mind. 

Other people’s comments:

Can I get pregnant from this? 


Best five minutes of your life.



October 7th
12:09 AM


what. is. this. why is it the best thing ever that exists. what did i just watch holy cuteness.

October 2nd
4:57 PM


It occurred to me I should probably occasionally put stuff that’s actually, like… mine up here. ^^; So here is a video I made a few years ago.  A tribute to Usagi set to “Fragile” by Megan McCauley.  And holy shit, how did it get 2,000 views? o__O Thanks 2,000 people!

Heart exploding into 3456754 bunnies.

September 22nd
10:39 AM

tentative list of sailor moon AMV ideas

yeah, i’m not in over my head or anything. whatever. if I manage to get even half of these done i’ll die happy.

September 19th
9:26 PM


WHAT. THE. FUCK. Be sure to watch the whole thing. I guess this whole Nicki Minaj/Sailor Moon thing is getting to be a pattern…especially in Thailand.

But really. What the fuck?


Also, I’m drinking again. Why does this always happen to me when there’s alcohol involved?

………..what on earth did I just watch. 

Whatever it is, I’m sure I enjoyed it a little too much.

September 18th
11:42 AM







Here it is, my AMV set to “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”, dedicated to Tsukino Usagi, who would be Super Friend if she wasn’t already Sailor Moon. I’ve been lucky enough that I can’t remember a time in my life that Sailor Moon wasn’t a part of in some way. I feel an overwhelming at times affection for this character, which still surprises me to this day because we are nothing alike. She has a beautiful faith in people that makes one feel protective of her, and I understand why all her friends do so like their life depends on it. This could easily turn into an essay so I’ll just stop now.


When I first entertained the notion about making an AMV, I had to laugh at myself because HAHA I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT SHIT! But I couldn’t get this song out of my head, and here I am!

I spent an obscene amount of time on this two minute video, so clicking play would make my SailorMoon4lyfe heart very very happy. I wanted to do something cute and light-hearted, so I hope everyone that watches it is assaulted with the warm fuzzies. Have a nice day!

This is so cute! Great job. You should make more AMV’s, you’ve got a knack!

My fandoms before Harry Potter consisted of Sailor Moon and Escaflowne. Usagi isn’t my patronus, but a whole lot of my life and loves are wrapped up in her story. :) Have a look at this fanvid is you can say the same. ♥  Great job on the vid! 

Thank you so much! I feel like I’ve just reconnected old lovers. I’m glad it brought back warm memories for you!

This is very good! So adorable. This song actually does work really well for Sailor Moon, I didn’t expect for it to go this well! But it really does suit Usagi’s personality perfectly.  I love Toy Story (watching Toy Story 3 actually made me cry) and obviously Sailor Moon is very very close to my heart (my absolute favourite show EVER) so I really enjoyed this a lot. It made me smile. :)

Hehe the song is the whole reason I was able to finish this. It had to be something I could listen to over and over without wanting to kill myself. I think I started about twelve times and then gave up, but all I could think afterwards was “noooooo, the song! I have to use the song!” 

So thank you! I’m happy you enjoyed it. 

August 25th
9:05 PM



Usagi/Mamoru AMV set to Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch” song. beautiful amv :D

This is a really beautiful amv, wow!  And oh man when I got to the scenes from ep200 I totally got a little ~*emotional*~ because, ugh, I just LOVE THEM SO MUCH FOREVER OKAY.

I was skeptical when I saw the song, but oh boy I’m glad I clicked.

August 13th
1:45 PM



And this one, too. ono

I am in LOVE with this video…

Oh my creys. I love a well made AMV.